Your Stories

What’s Happening?

Michigan has no shortage of powerful stories when it comes to how communities all around the state are strengthening local and regional economies through food and farming. As part of our ongoing federal policy advocacy work, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is developing a collection of stories from farmers who are most affected – particularly in a highly influential agricultural state like Michigan.

Our goal is to collect and strategically share stories about the impact and importance of federal policies and programs. These stories will help reporters, editors, and others better cover these issues and will help ensure that  farmers’ voices are featured more prominently in the media, and heard by decision-makers.

How Can I Help?

If you are interested in participating in our story banking project, we would like to set up a brief interview with you to gather some basic info about your farm or organization, and learn about your experience with the federal program(s) you have put to use.

That’s it!

Then, we have that ‘on file’ for potential future media efforts. If and when we are able to highlight your story in the media, we will contact you first so that you know where we are “pitching” it and offer to help coach you for talking with reporters if you like. We may work with you about gathering related pictures or other media to be used with the stories as well.

Completed stories may be used for state or national blog posts, online profiles, social media, op-eds, and more! For a great example of a home-grown story, see this post by on the Michigan Good Food Charter blog: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition suggests 2015 Farm to School Act could benefit Michigan

The Next Step…

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in our story collection project. It shouldn’t take very long and would be a huge help for us as we work to make sure Michigan voices are heard in the legislative process!

If you or someone you know can speak to the importance of farm bill programs,
please contact the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition!