About Michigan Voices for Good Food Policy

Michigan Voices for Good Food Policy unites and elevates Michigan grassroots voices in support of policies that expand opportunities for rural and urban farmers to produce good food, sustain the environment, and contribute to healthy and vibrant communities. Michigan Voices is a coalition-building project of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Michigan Voices engages NSAC’s Michigan member organizations and collaborates with other Michigan food allies around farm and food policies that:

    • Create jobs and spur economic growth through food and farms
    • Make healthy food more available and accessible to all Michigan residents
    • Support and invest in beginning and minority farmers
    • Protect Michigan’s natural resources and help farmers care for their land
    • Strengthen urban & rural food and farming connections

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This project has now come to an end, please see our homepage for ways to stay in touch with NSAC!

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MI Voices 5×7 (PDF)