Action Alert from NSAC: Limit Subsidies and Protect our Natural Resources

Via: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition,


The 2012 Farm Bill needs to close loopholes and place caps on all subsidies (not just the least expensive), and ensure protection for America’s precious natural resources.

Unfortunately, the current farm bill falls short – it caps and closes loopholes on smaller commodity subsidies while leaving larger crop insurance subsidies uncapped, untargeted, and without limits – is this real reform?  And the bill fails to attach important conservation requirements to crop insurance for the protection of our nation’s water, land, and soil – is this real reform?

Senators Coburn (R-OK) and Durbin (D-IL) have introduced an amendment that for the first time limits crop insurance subsidies for the wealthiest farmers, and Senator Cardin (D-MD) has introduced an amendment that reattaches basic conservation requirements to crop insurance, as was the case until 1996.

Will you support the Senators’ efforts in making the 2012 Farm Bill a true reform bill? 

Send a message to your Senator today!

Your Senators need to hear that you want a farm bill with real reform and real improvements for the future of farming.   Don’t delay – the Senate is debating the 2012 Farm Bill this week, so they need to hear from you today.


Organic Farmers Ask to ‘Level the Field’ for Crop Insurance

Michigan Public News Service reports that organic growers are treated differently from conventional growers when it comes to Crop Insurance. The article states:

That’s because organic farmers pay a 5-percent surcharge for crop insurance, yet if they incur a loss, it is paid at conventional rates instead of the higher market value of their organic crop.

Read or listen to the full story here:
Organic Farmers Ask to ‘Level the Field’ for Crop Insurance.

A Farm Bill Call to Action

Check out this article by Patty Cantrell in the Oryana Natural Foods Market Newsletter.

Patty writes:

A very small but essential slice of federal support to farms that contribute nutritious, sustainably-produced food to their communities and stimulate economic activity is at significant risk in April as the Senate agriculture committee, which our Michigan senator chairs, carves up the federal Farm Bill.

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