House Subcommittee Passes 2014 Agriculture Funding Bill – NSAC


Bok Choi from Zilke Vegetable Farm, photo credit: Lindsey Scalera

House Subcommittee Passes 2014 Agriculture Funding Bill – NSAC.

According to NSAC,

The House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee yesterday approved its fiscal year (FY) 2014 agriculture appropriations bill by voice vote.  The bill sets discretionary spending at $19.5 billion, which is $1.3 billion below the FY 2013 enacted level but roughly equal to the FY 2013 enacted level minus sequestration (across-the-board budget cuts imposed in FY 2013 following the breakdown of comprehensive budget talks).

The bill will now be taken up by the House Appropriations Committee, likely sometime next week, and then by the full House, likely sometime soon after the full House deals with the new five-year farm bill.  In recent years, amendments to the bill have been taken up at the full Committee markup rather than during the increasingly proforma Subcommittee markup.  So next week’s full Committee markup could include amendments that, if successful, could change some of what is reported below about the Subcommittee bill.

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Before the final FY 2014 agriculture appropriations bill can become law, the Senate must go through the same legislative process, and the two bills must then be reconciled.  The House and Senate are working from very different vantage points — so different, in fact, that it is unlikely that Congress will finish new appropriations bills this year, forcing Congress to resort to another continuing resolution.

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