2015 Farm to School Act Could Benefit Michigan | Michigan Good Food Charter

A group of students and parents from Beaumont Elementary School in Waterford, Michigan, shuffled off their bus and into the warm greenhouse, whispering at the unfamiliar sights and smells. During their visit, students got a close-up view of hydroponic growing systems, tasted fresh herbs, released beneficial ladybugs, and started their own lettuce seeds. But these students were not visiting a farm in the traditional sense, rather, they had taken a field trip to the campus of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Farm to School - Waterford - Seed Starting

Students from Waterford School District visited the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Greenhouse and Demonstration Kitchen for a hands-on look at food systems and healthy eating.

Curious to learn more about this farm to school program and how you can have an impact on farm to school in Michigan? Read the rest of this article featured in the Michigan Good Food Charter May 2015 Newsletter!

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition suggest 2015 Farm to School Act could benefit Michigan | Michigan Good Food Charter.

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