Meredith Freeman Named W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Fellow | Fair Food Network

Meredith at work with FoodLab Detroit

Meredith at work with Fair Food Network partner, FoodLab Detroit.
[Photo Source: Fair Food Network]

Congratulations to Meredith Freeman, who was just named W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Fellow! Meredith works with communities in Michigan to build a better, more equitable food system.

Fair Food Network reports:

Meredith was one of 24 fellows selected in Michigan, one of WKKF’s four priority places. Meredith leads up Fair Food Network’s efforts in Detroit and Battle Creek. She also works with partners from WKKF, Capital Impact Partners, MSU, FoodLab Detroit, and others to develop the Michigan Good Food Fund, a new healthy food financing initiative that aims to improve the lives of Michigan residents living in underserved communities by increasing food production, expanding access to healthy foods, catalyzing economic development, and creating new permanent jobs for the state. Meredith also works with WKKF grantee Detroit’s Food & Fitness Collaborative.

Best wishes to Meredith and all the other WKKF Leadership Fellows!


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To learn more about the WK Kellogg Foundation and the Leadership Fellows visit WKKF’s website