NSAC – GMO Coexistence: Last Day to Take Action!


NSAC – GMO Coexistence: Take Action.

Are you a farmer who has been impacted by GMO contamination on your farm or in your supply chain? Are you a consumer who wants to have access to non-GMO food in your community? We have until March 4 to tell the USDA to protect farmers and our food supply from GMO contamination! http://bit.ly/gmocoexist 

USDA is seeking public comments on how farmers who raise genetically modified (GMO) crops and those who don’t can coexist. But we can’t have coexistence without fairness for all farmers.

We need to tell USDA: farmers deserve to have a choice in the kinds of crops they grow and sell, and to have strong, fair protection against the damage that GMO contamination can cause. And families deserve to have a choice in the food they purchase – including the ability to choose non-GMO products. The comment deadline is March 4th – this coming Tuesday! Get informed, take action, & spread the word: http://bit.ly/gmocoexist