What’s at Stake? Organic Farmers – NSAC

Last fall, Congress allowed the Farm Bill to expire without a new bill to take its place.  Instead, Congressional leaders cobbled together a temporary extension on New Year’s Eve that shut down a number of innovative programs indefinitely.  As of today, Congress, has once again allowed the farm bill to expire, and these programs are now at risk of becoming permanently “stranded” without funding.  These stranded programs support half of the agricultural sector – including organic, fruit and vegetable, renewable energy, and livestock producers – and also invest in sustainable food systems, rural job creation, and the next generation of farmers.  Congress now has an opportunity to restore much-needed funding for these programs as the conference negotiations for a five-year farm bill get underway. 

This is the fourth post in NSAC’s “What’s at Stake in the Farm Bill?” series that highlights these expired farm bill programs and what that means for farmers and communities throughout the country. 

What’s at Stake? Organic Farmers – NSAC.