Action Alert – Tell the House we NEED a Better Farm Bill!

capitol-clipart-2Tell the House: We Need a Better Farm Bill!

The House of Representatives is poised to take a giant step backwards this week – away from the kind of future we want and towards unlimited subsidies for mega-farms and corporate agri-business and reduced investments in organic and sustainable farming. An amendment with common sense, long-overdue farm subsidy reforms is on the table right now – and it needs our support. At the same time, outrageously, another amendment proposes to REPEAL a successful program that helps farmers and communities expand and improve healthy food access through farmers markets, food hubs, and other innovative ways to connect farmers and consumers.

What were they thinking?!

On the reform front, Rep. Fortenberry’s (R-NE) amendment #93 puts a cap on commodity subsidy payments and closes loopholes that allow mega-farms to collect unlimited payments. Your legislator needs to SUPPORT this amendment.

On local food, Rep. McClintock’s (R-CA) amendment #92 would eliminate all funding for the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program. Your legislator needs to OPPOSE this amendment.

Click the pictures or the link below to send a quick email to your representative!