Action Alert: 2013 Farm Bill is back on the Senate Floor!

Michigan! The 2013 Farm Bill is back and on the Senate floor!
There’s a lot at stake this week, and we need YOU to make a call to Senator Levin:

2013_5 farm bill senate floor

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Have you shopped at a farmers’ market lately?

Noticed more local produce popping up at your
local grocery store or restaurant?

On your child’s lunch tray at school?

Wherever there’s local food, there are farmers feeding communities and creating jobs.  It’s a win-win for farmers and for people like us.  But we’ve got so far to go – and this week we have a chance to take a huge stride forward for a better future for our nation’s food & farms.

The Senate is debating the 2013 Farm Bill right now.  The bill plays a huge role in helping communities and farmers work together to strengthen local economies and ensure everyone has access to fresh, healthy food.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has just introduced a critical amendment that will have a transformative impact on our food and farm system – and we need your help to make it part of the 2013 Farm Bill!

This amendment increases funding for critical programs that directly help farmers and communities put solutions into action on the ground – including Community Food Projects, the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program, the Value-Added Producer Grants Program, and the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

These programs make it possible for low-income seniors to access fresh, healthy produce from local farmers.  They make it possible for farmers to expand their operations into new products – like freezing fresh veggies for schools to use during winter months.  They make it possible for communities to build their own food solutions from the ground up – like urban farms, mobile groceries, and youth-led healthy eating programs.

Got five minutes?  We need your help! Among the hundreds of amendments the Senate will debate in the coming days, this one stands out – it’s got the potential to make a real difference on the ground and in the lives of farmers and communities. 

We need YOU to call Senator Levin today !

(202) 224-6221

A call is best, but you can instead email Senator Levin here

Calling is easy – just dial the numbers above and leave a message like this one below with the person who answers the phone:

“Hello, my name is ___ and I’m a constituent and a voter (and tell ‘em if you’re a farmer!).  I would like to leave a message for Senator Levin’s agriculture staffer.  Can you take a message for me, please?  The message is:  I urge the Senator to support Senator Brown’s local food and market development amendment, #1088, during floor debate this week.  This amendment is critical to building a better future for food and farms in our state.  Thank you.”

We won’t get a better farm bill without your help. But with it, we will get a better future for our nation’s food and farms –Make that quick call right now – and help us spread the word!

Thanks for all you do for Michigan communities!

We’ll be sure to send updates as things change quickly, but here are some resources to stay updated:
When you call, tell us how it went!
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